For most foreigners, you need a visa before visiting China. An easy way to do it is to apply for a tourist visa (strongly recommended). If for reasons you need a business visa or other types of visa, you can write to us for an appropriate invitation letter (see detailed information below) and specify what kind of visa you are applying for.
Please note that it is the conference attendee's responsibility to obtain an appropriate visa on time. The conference organizers will provide assistance (such as invitation letters) and suggestions during the process however please understand we are not associated with any visa office or agency and have no control of the outcome of the visa application process.

Applicants should initiate the process as early in their travel plans as possible, adequate time (> 1 month) should be allowed for processing visa applications.

Tourist Visa

You can apply for a tourist visa of China all by yourself. Such visa is issued to foreigners for sightseeing and visiting relatives or any other personal affairs, it belongs to visa category “L”. We strongly recommend applying for a tourist visa to attend the conference (invitation letter is NOT required for "L" visa), all you need is an itinerary including round trip air ticket booking record and confirmation of a hotel reservation (if you need, we will send you the electronic version of the reservation).

If you receive explicit instructions or orders to apply for a non-tourist visa, you will need an invitation letter from us (see below). As such, it may require more procedures/materials than the invitation letter itself and the situation varies from case to case, please consult with your local Chinese consulate/embassy or visa agency for detailed instructions.

You can go to the Chinese Embassies, Consulates and other Chinese diplomatic missions to submit application in person. If you can't go personally, you can entrust someone, a travel agency or a visa agency to act on your behalf. Applications directly sent to Chinese embassies and consulates by mailing are usually not accepted. No appointment is required for tourist visa application.

Please refer to the official webpage of Chinese Embassy or Consulates in your country for the most up-to-date procedure and requirement.

Letters of Invitation

If you require a letter of invitation (for Official or Business Visa) to attend the conference, please send the request to us as soon as possible. Please prepare the following information:
-Scanned copy of passport's first page (contains photo, full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, expiration date of the passport)
-Expected date of arrival in China
-Expected date of departure
-Mailing address
-The embassy or consulate of China where you will apply for visa
The same information is required for your accompany person(s), please indicate the relationship with your accompany person(s).